As we have already mentioned on the main page, our hotel is located in the very centre of Uherske Hradiste, the city well known for its wide range of wines and plum destilates. Thanks to the location and nature of the region you can very easily become an addict – as the local bars, wine cellars wine bars, shopping and museum galleries, discotheques and other facilities are highly addictive.Pay attention!

A stone´s throw away...

For more details on the afore mentioned list of possible entertainment let us take a closer look on this traditional turistic checkpoint – historical and cultural landmarks. You can notice the first one already while entering our hotel – as the ruins of walls from the original 13th century city fortress make part of our walls.

Silueta Chřibů

If you are one of the more passionate chasers of history, most probably this will not be satisfactory enough for you, so you can continue for example towards the big pink Gallery house situated at the Marianske square, see the Plague column, walk through the Prostredni street where you can find the former city hall – there is a restaurant, discotheque and even a wine bar at the moment – and continue to the Masaryk square.

At the Masaryk square, the unofficial centre of the city, you can find a Franciscan church and the City hall, which will provide you all together with a very pleasant view. This panorama is the defenseless target of most photographers and in composition together with the fountain in front of „Stanclova pharmacy“ it is often presented as a symbol of the city. So unique!

If we leave aside the walks through the centre and add the wish to leave the tight grip of the city, you can please yourselves with the view of the wide and steady flow of the river Morava, take a cruise on the BaťaCanal, or enjoy the cycleway along the river leading far behind the gates of Slovacko. We have to mention that the whole region is full of new biking trails, which connect very attractive destinations. So when you are feeling hot in the summer, we would recommend a trip to the blind river fleets, the remains of the mass of water from river Morava, which were built as a part of water management regulations during the 2nd half of 20th century.

More demanding customers and sport lovers can head the opposite direction through the city towards the Ostrozska Nova Ves, where you can find several lakes which came into existence by many years of mining in this area. You can enjoy such sports as windsurfing, kiteboarding or fishing. And last but not least, a golf field with 9 holes very close to these lakes is waiting for golf lovers.

Rock climbers and forests lovers can also find their entertainment by discovering the Dolnomoravsky uval, or Videnska panev. Rochus and the St Rochus chapel just under the highest peak of this „mountain“ could serve as a warm-up exercise before climbing up the “black path”, a very demanding trail to the top. Following the hike, you can visit the Buchlov Castle and the Barborka chapel. For those who want to get the complete image of the local culture, sightseeing in the castle gardens in Buchlovice is a must.

We would also like to mention one unique situation, which is taking place in the Old Town at the very moment. Despite the fact that at this destination you should visit the Monument of Moravia and learn important facts about the ancient, not only local history, with no doubts you would appreciate almost 25 years of effort from local people to build a gigantic modern church. And of course, without visiting Velehrad, the old centre of Roman-Catholic Church, outdoor museum in Modra or Monument of Cyril and Metodej / Method in Sady, you would feel that your local guide cheated on you. Definitely.

Before you leave…

We truly believe that during your stay you will be able to fully understand the local culture and its social and political challenges. We hope to see you again in the future! Your local guide.

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